Friday, February 27, 2009


The other night Regan came into our room telling us that she had a nightmare. She ended up sleeping on the floor by our bed. The next morning, she came and sat on my lap and said, "Mom. I had a bad nightmare. I dreamed that Grandma's dog bit my shirt. She's a big evil dog. I don't want to go to Arizona anymore!" I then explained to her that she has never seen Grandma's new dog. I also explained that Grandma has a little chihuahua puppy that is so small and wouldn't hurt her. She then said, "No. She's a big evil dog." I then told her she was wrong. I told her the only pets she has seen of Grandma's are her cats. Then she went on and on about Grandma's evil cats that are mean. She's scared of them, and doesn't ever want to go to Arizona. As hard as I tried, I couldn't convince her of the truth! It's funny what little ones think of.
THEN, last night we had a big thunderstorm. Our dog Maddie HATES thunderstorms. They scare her to death. So, for hours she kept going from Brooke's bed to my bed jumping on it and trying to get some love from us to help her. She kept changing her position on the bed. At one point I put my head under the pillow. She wanted to be petted so bad and comforted. I think it freaked her out that she couldn't find my head. She kept looking for it, putting her nose under the covers trying to find me. Needless to say...DOGS are preventing all of us from getting any sleep around here!

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laura said...

Oh I hope you convince her soon that it's not scary here (most of the time)! We love that Regan!