Friday, February 27, 2009


The other night Regan came into our room telling us that she had a nightmare. She ended up sleeping on the floor by our bed. The next morning, she came and sat on my lap and said, "Mom. I had a bad nightmare. I dreamed that Grandma's dog bit my shirt. She's a big evil dog. I don't want to go to Arizona anymore!" I then explained to her that she has never seen Grandma's new dog. I also explained that Grandma has a little chihuahua puppy that is so small and wouldn't hurt her. She then said, "No. She's a big evil dog." I then told her she was wrong. I told her the only pets she has seen of Grandma's are her cats. Then she went on and on about Grandma's evil cats that are mean. She's scared of them, and doesn't ever want to go to Arizona. As hard as I tried, I couldn't convince her of the truth! It's funny what little ones think of.
THEN, last night we had a big thunderstorm. Our dog Maddie HATES thunderstorms. They scare her to death. So, for hours she kept going from Brooke's bed to my bed jumping on it and trying to get some love from us to help her. She kept changing her position on the bed. At one point I put my head under the pillow. She wanted to be petted so bad and comforted. I think it freaked her out that she couldn't find my head. She kept looking for it, putting her nose under the covers trying to find me. Needless to say...DOGS are preventing all of us from getting any sleep around here!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Western Dance - YEE HAW!

Brooke had a Western Dance to go to at her school last Friday night. When I first walked in, I kinda wondered if it was a dance, or just a bunch of kids running around chasing their friends. They had line dancing, snacks, and a hula hoop contest. Brooke concentrated SO hard. She lasted a long time, but didn't quite win. As you can see, Regan wanted to dress up, but not as a cowgirl. She's our princess cowgirl I guess. She was so cute though. She followed Brooke everywhere and wanted to dance just like her. It's so fun to have sisters.
Jadyn came too. This is Jadyn with her friend Rebecca. Such cute girls. Despite the chaos, it was a fun night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

HELP! It's camp time again!!!

HELP!!!! It's camp time again and I am feeling blocked. I'm trying to come up with some fun activities and spiritual activities for girls camp and am having a MAJOR mental block. Everything I look at, I feel like I've already seen before.
Does anyone have any good ideas? The theme is "Hold your torches High" with olympics as a side theme. Please share your thoughts!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a world of Love!

We had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day around here. Regan really wanted a party since her sister's were having one in school. Somehow the girl talked me into getting a pinata too. She must be the youngest! I made some sugar cookies and invited some of her friends over. For some reason, Regan decided she needed to wear pajamas. She got frosting on one set of pjs, then went and got a second pair! Silly girl. The kids had fun though.My friend Nicole Rees and I were in charge of Brooke's class party. They had pizza, played bingo, decorated cookies, and read their valentines. It went well. I ran over to Jadyn's class half way through the party time, but got there too late. They were way faster than they should have been. Poor Jadyn. Here she is with her cute valentine's box. Here are some of Brooke's classmates with the cute bags they made. She really isn't the only girl.
Jeff ended up having a big catastrophe at the refinery on Valentine's Day. He was gone all day and didn't get back until 9:30 that night. I tried to make the best of it and had fun with the kids. We had the Skipper cousins over to decorate cookies.
I made them heart shaped french toast and colored them pink. We went to lunch together. Then I took them to see Pink Panther 2 at the movie theatre.
Jeff had ordered me my favorite flowers for Valentine's day. Since he was at work, he had his sweet sister Laurie get them for him and bring them to me. Thanks Laurie. Even though we missed Jeff a lot that day, it made my day to know he was thinking of me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy Week of Wedding

Last week was one of those incredibly busy weeks. I read to both of the girls' classes at school. I ate lunch with both of them on different days too. Ran around to try to get things done for family coming in town and prepare for Laurie's wedding!!!! Yippee! I had a bridal shower for Laurie on Thursday night. She wanted to got to Carrabas. We had a great turn out and had lots of fun. Here's my beautiful mother- in-law, my sister-in-law Laurie that I love to death, and me at the shower! We embarrassed her a little, but I think she had fun!Friday I helped decorate the church for her wedding reception. With 8 weddings under her belt, my mother in law had it down to a science. We got the whole thing done in just 3 hours. It was beautiful. I got to have Holly and her two cute daughters here as well as the boy cousins that are Brennan's age. It was so much fun! I took some of my nieces to go buy stuff to decorate the car after our family breakfast on Saturday. Here's part of the end result. Jeff had a great time teasing David (the new hubby). Somehow my camera got turned over to black and white. You can't see how beautiful the colors were here. Laurie looked absolutely beautiful. The kids were so cute. I had so many of my friends comment how they have never seen Laurie smile so much. She just beamed from ear to ear!
Here they are with all the color! Aren't they gorgeous?
Maddox looked so cute kneeling down like that! Overall, it was a beautiful wedding, and a wonderful weekend with the family. We are so happy for Laurie!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend with Little Sleep!

It's camp planning time again!!!!
This past weekend we had a slumber party here for the Camp Stake Staff and all of the YCLs to start planning camp. We had fun eating pizza and cookies, then got busy planning.
The girls came up with "Hold Your Torches High" with an Olympic theme. I think it will be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to planning all the activities of camp with them.
We had about 15 girls here ages 15, 16, & 17. They are a fun group. I think they'll be great leaders.
That night, the girls got to bed around 1 am. All the leaders, who are wonderfully amazing women that I love to death, stayed up talking until 3:30. Then we went in our rooms and continued talking until 5 am and were up again before 8!
We're worse than the girls!! But hey, how many times do you get to have slumber parties with your girl friends when you're as old as we are? It was great!