Monday, February 8, 2010

What a Winter!!!!

This has been a crazy winter. We have had 4 snow days and record low temperatures for the month of January. We have been FREEZING! Yes, I know I'm wimpy. But give me a break. I'm still an Arizona girl at heart.  
Brooke had fun with her dad doing a science project on distillation. 
Brennan made the honor roll for the semester! Woo hoo!
I helped Brooke's class make 4 fleece blankets for Youth Village where the children don't have any blankets. That was quite entertaining watching them. But they did a good job.
We've had school cancelled 4 times so far. Once we didn't have hardly any snow.  Two days we had a major ice storm. It was gorgeous seeing the city in ice.  BUT, we had major problems and damage because of it. 
This is a picture of the city tree that is behind our fence. It got so weighed down with ice, it came crashing over our fence breaking it and our fence and covering the swing set.  Hopefully they'll be out soon to fix it all. We also had a few days of  several hours with no power in our city due to trees crashing on the power lines.  We had tons of trees down all over the place.  The longest period of time without power was 7 hours starting at 10 pm. We were very grateful for our handy generator that night! BE PREPARED!
We woke up today to another cancelled day of school because of snow. This time, it was real.  Kinda funny because it took us all by surprise. Nobody was really expecting it. 
I think we ended up getting a good 5-6 inches though and had so much fun.
Regan made me proud and actually played in it longer than she ever had before.
Brooke built herself a little man.
Jadyn lasted about 5 minutes. But she still looked cute.
Brooke and Regan were brave enough to make snow angels.

Jadyn is such a momma's girl.
Brooke and Brennan ganged up on me in a snowball fight.
All in all, we had so much fun...but so not equipped for snow.  Without proper snow clothes and gloves, it is so cold. It's fun being able to have snow just a couple days a year though. But, I have a feeling we haven't seen the end of it yet.