Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Fun Sunday

This past week was wonderful. A good mix of work and fun. I got to watch friends' kids for them, go on play dates, have a girls' night out with some of my good friends at the movies, have a good camp meeting, among running kids to activities. It kept me busy, and happy. Sunday morning was fun. Jeff had left early to speak at church with his Dad in Arkansas about 2 hours away. Everything was running smoothly. We were getting ourselves ready for church, had a nice breakfast, listened to church music to get us in the mood. It was wonderful. AND THEN, Jadyn came into the bathroom where I was getting ready to tell me that Brooke and Regan had dyed their hair. Turns out that it was just Regan. You see, Brooke's best friend Sarah had gotten her a fun hair coloring thing for Christmas where you can put nice color streaks in your hair. You know, nice colors, like bright blue, and green, and hot pink. Regan apparently got into it while no one was looking and did her own hair. She came in and told me she didn't have much in her hair. I had to lift her up into the mirror to show her that she had nice hot pink hair, big thick cream, all over her head. I mean, it was everywhere!!! I was so proud of myself, I didn't even yell! I just calmly took her church clothes off, and quickly put her in the tub to give her ANOTHER bath. The whole bathtub was full of hot pink water. After I got her taken care of, the kids and I noticed that I had hot pink cream in my hair, on my arm, bits in various places on my dress. It seemed as though it just jumped everywhere. Luckily, it wasn't too bad. I then was told that this cream was on the light beige carpet in Brooke's room, and all over her bathroom, and permanently on some white church shoes. It was wonderful. I decided not to even try to clean it up until after church in fear that we would be very late for church. Turns out, the clean up wasn't that bad. AND, we made it to church 10 minutes early! Aren't you amazed! Say yes. I know, I know. I am too. Anyway, I am just kicking myself because I didn't get a picture. At the time, I was more worried about making it to church. It would have been great for the blog. Next time we have an incident, I'll try to be more focused on the bigger picture....the Blog! HA HA!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Two days after Christmas was Brooke's 8th birthday! She's a big horse lover and cowgirl wanna be, so we took her to a western town called Rawhide while we were in Arizona. It was a pretty cold day, so only the Krummenachers were brave enough to go. I have to admit, it's a pretty cheesy place. BUT, we had a great time. The kids got to pan for gold, go on a train ride, climb rock walls, see gunfights, etc. Here's a picture of when the kids got thrown in jail. They were told they wouldn't be let out unless they danced to the harmonica the "Sheriff". Everyone danced, except Brennan. SO, as the Sheriff let everyone out, except Brennan. He had a gun pointed at him and was forced to either dance, or ride a pink stick horse. He chose the dancing. It was pretty funny. We had a good laugh watching Brennan. Here's a pic of the kids at Rawhide. Brooke, Jake, Regan, Jadyn, Nate, Rebecca, Brennan, and Sarah. They sure are cute together! I love being home and having all the cousins play together. That night, we had everyone over (Todd/Matt and their awesome families as well as Aunt Janet and some of her kids, and my wonderful Grandma) to celebrate with Brooke. Laura & Brent were kind enough to make a 8 sub for her birthday. GO Krazy Sub! Best Subs around! Brooke had a wonderful and memorable birthday. Thanks to everyone for making it such a good one for her! Jeff also had fun playing golf with the brothers, and racquetball/volleyball with Darin and Todd. I was lucky to see my wonderful friends Heather Biggs and Elizabeth & Mitch. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. It was a much needed vacation! Just wish I had more time there. WARNING TO ALL PARENTS!!! This is a picture of Regan demonstrating the DANGERS of the Wii! Poor Reggie happened to walk by when her cousin, Johnny was playing and just happenened to walk in the wrong place getting smacked with remote, or whatever they call it.Probably scared John, but she healed quickly! Nice eye, huh? Four days after we got back from Arizona, Brooke was baptized. It was a beautiful baptism. Mom and Frank were able to get away from their mission and come. We are so grateful for their efforts. It wouldn't have been the same without them. Uncle Steve, Aunt Laurie, cousins, and all Grandparents involved in the program, and help from friends too with refreshments. The spirit was so strong and sweet there. It bore witness to me once again of how important these saving ordinances are, and how I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. I am grateful that Brooke followed Christ's example being baptized. Thanks to everyone who made this day so special!
Well, that's it for now. Once again, I am so grateful to have come from such a wonderful family. I have been blessed to be surrounded by Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, Cousins, Mom and Dads as well as two terrific brothers and wonderful sister who have all been such great examples to me of goodness. I feel so blessed to have wonderful sisters and a brother in law that I love dearly, as well as nieces and nephews. On top of that, I was doubly blessed to be married into a family that is absolutely wonderful. They also are great examples of living Christ-like lives. I feel so blessed to be a part of their family. I don't know what I did to deserve such blessings, but I'm eternally grateful for them. Happy New Year Everyone! May our Father in Heaven bless each and every one of you in 2008!

Catching Up!

Okay, here I go trying to make up for being a huge slacker! Novemeber was a lot of fun. Jeff's sister, Holly & family came in town for Thanksgiving. We went to Jeff's parents to enjoy the day with all of them, Laurie & kids, and Steve & family, as well as the missionaries. It was fun to have a big group together! My kids loved seeing their cousins again. We miss getting together with Holly & Ben like we used to when we lived in Houston. Here's a picture with Regan and Emma. I actually got a lot of cute pictures with the two of them. It was hard to choose. The picture with the kids and the gingerbread houses are Laurie & our kids. Laurie was nice enough to make a ton of these cute gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate - some for the cousins, others for a playgroup day. The kids loved it! Thanks Laurie! For Christmas, we took a nice 25 hour drive to Arizona to spend it with my family again. I was looking forward to warming up, but had no such luck. It was cold! We had such a good time there. We had the traditional Nativity at my cousin Tait & his wife Heidi's house. It was fun to see the tradition go on with our kids. I have so many great memories of doing it as a kid growing up with my cousins. Now, all of our kids get to follow. It was great to see everyone that night. I love my family so much! I am so blessed! Christmas day was fun as always. We enjoyed being with Grandma Diane and Grandpa Frank. They are so much fun to spend Christmas with. We had fun eating all of our traditional food, and playing games! I love Christmas with the family. The other picture above is from taking a little desert hike up a small mountain. We had fun playing in the desert, hiking, and eating lunch outside. It finally warmed up that day. It was so nice enjoying the outdoors. I know people think I'm crazy, but I think the desert is beautiful. I love all of the variety of God's creations. I have more to do, but I have to do a new post since I couldn't fit the rest of my pictures in. Pat me on the back for catching up!