Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Pictures November 2010

We were blessed to find a fabulous photographer for our family pictures this year. I met Stephanie Moore at Regan's dance class and we became fast friends. Turns out she's a Tempe, Arizona girl too! I knew I liked her. Here are some of the pictures she took in our little square in downtown Collierville.

I absolutely love these photos and am so happy to be able to keep  forever! 


Katie said...

We got your Christmas card in the mail with a few of these pics, I love 'em! Thank you for thinking of us, miss y'all!

hufflepufffamily said...

Love them!!

Elizabeth said...

I love them too! They make me happy!

Alan Dayley said...

well, you cant actually keep photos forever. the images eventually fade and deteriorate over time. fortunately you can keep your family forever. through heavenly fathers plan, i always want to be, with my own family, and the lord has shown me how i can, the lord, has shown me how i can.
:o) thank goodness for forever families, cuz those pics just won't be looking that good in another 50+ years.