Friday, November 9, 2007

Stuff missed

Okay, here's some more pics I didn't get in. Above is, of coarse, Halloween. The kids are with their cousins who just moved here. They had so much fun. Brooke is a Power Ranger (go figure), Brennan is OB (I think), Jadyn is the White Witch & Regan is Tinkerbell. Actually, she's really a fairy because it was cheaper. We figure she'd never know. Above right is our fam in the Smoky Mountains. Directly above is Jadyn. She cheered for the Packers' Flag football team. I know I'm biased, but she was the cutest cheerleader ever! Even though the team lost every game, I don't think one cheerleader even noticed. J.J. loved it. After freezing the other night watcher her, we are now grateful the season is over. Good thing Brooke wants to cheer next year and they'll be in two different leagues with games on different nights! YIPEE!!! That's okay, I really eat this stuff up. I have so many more pictures. I wish I could post them all. If it didn't take forever, I probably would.


Reeses Pieces said...

I'm excited you've entered into the blog world. It's fun and you'll find it's way addicting too! Cute pics. That cabin looks awesome. Nicole

Kelsey said...

Hi Kristen :) I miss you guys too, when you coming to visit next? You guys are so cute/fun