Monday, November 26, 2007

Other Things

Here's more cute pictures of our visit with Mom & Frank. These two were at the zoo. Aren't they so cute with her? This is a dress my Mom bought Regan for her 3rd birthday with her cute shiny pink shoes she bought. She loves them so much. Doesn't she look adorable? Okay, I have so much to catch up on. I've got to do this more regularly. I have lots to talk about Thanksgiving, but I'll do that later once I transfer the pictures over. Let me catch up on before Thanksgiving. First,we had my brother Matt in town for awhile. It was fun having him here. He is so good with the kids in playing with them, and even helping with homework. It was great having him visit. Jeff went to the girls' elementary school to do a career day demonstration on what he does at the refinery. Somehow he got roped into doing this for all the first graders and all of the second graders at Tara Oaks. He did a fabulous job, like always. He really is good at explaining the refining process on a level the kids understand. He even said that in his job, his plant is like a big McDonald's playground that he gets to play in. I don't know if it's exactly the same, but the kids thought that was cool. Jeff also got brave and entered into the biggest National Professional Raquetball tournament. His company was one of the sponsors, so he and one of his work buddies signed up. Of coarse, he entered the lowest bracket at the amateur level. Regan and I had fun going down to the University of Memphis to watch him play. Unfortunately, he got his behind whipped. But, he sure was cute doing it. He said he was so nervous, his legs were shaking. Not used to people watching him. But, in all fairness, the 50 year old guy that beat him (that's right, I said 50) did end up winning the whole tournament for his level. I told him, he might want to try doing some local tournaments first next year. Overall, he had a good time. I have been busy with reading to classes, doing crafts and volunteering in the health room down at the school. Also, I somehow got roped into helping with the Young Women's Daddy Daughter Western party they had with the Stake. It was fun because I got to work with a lot of my friends from Stake Camp, and also my friends from the ward. We had a great time. I learned some line dances and burned off all the Nachos I ate dancing around with my friends. That line dancing is a great workout. I need to do it more often!


laura said...

Yeah! You updated! I kept waiting and waiting for an update! I've lost my camera so I have to do the blog thing with no pics for a while. Regan looks adorable as always. We can't wait to see all of you!!!

Mary said...

Girl, you sure can line dance. I had a great time too. Can't wait for Camp. "Where we will live in a van down by the river." Love you!!!