Monday, May 17, 2010

May Fun

Been busy with end of school year stuff and pure laziness mixed together. I love that combination.  Brennan and Brooke both had choir concerts. I love hearing my children sing!  Jadyn and Brooke had Field Day...but I didn't get good pictures of any of that.  BUT, I did get some pictures of our fun this past weekend. 

Jeff's company gave us tickets to the Redbirds Minor league baseball game.  We took the kids to our favorite Mexican food restaurant beforehand and got there a little late. Unfortunately, all the points scored for the whole game happened in the innings we missed. The kids were pretty bored. But it was a gorgeous night and we were together! No more 90 hour work weeks for Jeff, so I was loving every minute. After the game was over, they had a fireworks show that was pretty dang good. The kids liked that part.  It rained a little, but it was still so enjoyable all being together. I love my little family.
Today we got to go over the my friend Amy Smith's home with some other friends. They have a heated pool. Still, I'm an Arizona wimp. I don't go in unless it's very warm. But Regan and her friends LOVED it. It's the second time we've been able to go so far. And although I now have to load up with SPF and sit under the umbrella more, I LOVE being out in the sun with friends enjoying the weather and good company! I love my friends.
Here's Regan in the middle with her friends Addisyn and Jalynn. Cutie pies!

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