Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preschool Field Trip

I love days like today.  Beautiful sunny day - 72 degrees outside.  I got to lather myself up with sunscreen (of coarse!) and go on a field trip with Regan's preschool group.  
They had  2 police officers block traffic as we walked as a group from the preschool to our cute little downtown square a few blocks away.  The kids walked hand in hand in the cutest little line you ever did see.

Then, they got to eat ice cream on the gazebo that sits in the middle of the square while the mom's visited. Afterwards, we walked over to the fire department on the square. The firemen were very kind and let the kids   
go through the fire truck.  For some odd reason, Regan wanted nothing to do with that.  

 The kids then lined up and walked over to view the post office and then walked back over to the preschool.  Such a sweet and simple field trip. The kids loved it!  I loved it!  These are moments to remember.

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I miss having my preschool field trips. It is so fun to see the excitement on the kiddos faces. Fun ages!