Friday, March 12, 2010


At the end of February, Jeff sent me to Arizona for an early birthday get away.  I had the best time.  The weather was in the 70's and sunny. It was gorgeous.  So nice to go home and warm up. I filled my days with family, eating, movie, games, more family and friends. Everything I love!  I even got to speak at Ethen, Elizabeth's son's baptism.

Since it was close to my 40th birthday, my sweet sister and dear friend Heather Biggs put a party together for me.  We met at Laura and Brent's sub shop once it closed. 

Laura is amazingly talented and decorated the place super cute with pink and green balloons, centerpieces, etc. The place was darling. She even blew up pictures of me through out my life, connected them with ribbon and made adorable garland for the walls. It was fun for everyone to see themselves in the pictures too. She is so awesome.
Then I was surrounded by family and friends. Some friends that I hadn't seen in way too long of time. We played a game of music from the 80s, enjoyed visiting and super yummy food.
I LOVED every minute of it. I have been so blessed with such amazing friends and family through out my life. HUGE BLESSINGS!!
It was just THE perfect trip ever!
The day after I got home, Brennan turned 14!!!!!
Holy cow. I cannot believe my little guy is 14.  It's so scary how fast time goes by.  Brennan chose to have his traditional chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Then he chose breakfast burritos for dinner and Jello cake for dessert. That night, he and I went to the movies together. It was so fun to have some one on one with the birthday boy. AND look at that cute birthday sign below. My amazingly talented sister made it. It is so darn cute. We got good use of it right away!
Later that week, I went down to Mississippi to have my hair done by my dear friend Mary Berry. She surprised me by having my other camp friends, Kriss Norris and Alayna Weiss there to celebrate my birthday.  Alayna brought our favorite Mexican food.  We had so much fun just laughing and chatting away while Mary made me beautiful.  Wish I took pictures. Dang it! I just LOVE those girls. 
On Friday of that week, my most awesome friends here had a birthday lunch for me. We went to our Italian food joint and had more laughs, conversation, and yummy food.  SEE WHAT I MEAN?  I have THE BEST friends!!!!!! I was so spoiled.

On my actual birthday, Jeff decorated the kitchen so cute with 40 decor everywhere. It was so fun. We also woke up to sunny skies and warmer temperatures.  So, after eating my birthday strawberry shortcake for breakfast....we went HIKING!!! I loved it. And even though Brooke was making fun of me for being so old the whole way, it was so fun.  Later we enjoyed lunch and movies with the kids....then date night with Jeff. It was FABULOUS!!! I couldn't have asked for a better 40th birthday. I felt so loved.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you had a great birthday week! Your family is amazing.

Holly said...

Sounds so fun--I'm glad you and Brennan had great days!

Reeses Pieces said...

Oh good you figured out the picture thing. Lots of great pics. Your sisters table decor was very cute. You look great for 40~I hope I can look that hot in 10 years too!

Tom and Corinne Bradshaw Family said...

Havent read this is so long been so busy. I need to update mine. Glad you had a good birthday and hopefully I can read more and update mine soon.

thE bAkeR giRls said...

You are DO have great friends and family! What a great birthday! I knew 40 was going to be fabulous! Now I can look forward to mine! And thanks for inspiring me...I need a blog update, too!

Clement Family said...

WOW!! What a birthday!! And you are worth every bit of it :)

Clement Family said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a great birthday and that boy of yours too! It was wonderful seeing you.