Sunday, January 24, 2010

Texas Trip and Stuff

The day after Christmas, the kids and I loaded up into our Yukon XL and drove to Houston. Jeff, unfortunately, had to stay home to work.  But, one of my old young women, Allison Enright, was getting married and I had to go. Our dear friends, the Echards, were so wonderful (as always) and put us up in their beautiful home. It was great seeing them.  The next day was Brooke's 10th birthday!

We drove over to Friendswood to go to our old ward. It was so fun seeing everyone there and seeing how much the kids have grown.  Then, my fabulous friends Shelli and Todd Horman had us over for a yummy dinner and cake to celebrate Brooke's day. It was so sweet of them to make her feel special even though we were away from home. We loved being with them again.  Brought back so many good memories of living there.

The day after that, I got to go shopping and do lunch with Stephani Echard. So much fun. Then went to quite the racy bridal shower for Allison. So much fun. I'm so proud of this girl. She chose a great guy. He is so lucky to get her! The temple sealing was wonderful and Allison looked gorgeous.  I was so happy I got to be there to share that special day!

Skipping forward to 2010....determined to make this a fabulous year. So far so good.  For MLK day, Jeff had the day off. Luckily it was a gorgeous sunny day. We took the kids to lunch and the zoo.  All the animals were out and happy that they finally had some sun and warmth after record low temperatures.  

The animals were having so much fun...including my animals. :)

We loved being out in the sunshine!

Love these little faces!

All in was a near perfect day!

What a blessing!


laura said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a good time in Texas. Looks like you have great friends! Brooke looks too old. :(

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your post and hearing about your adventures. Glad you had a nice time. Looks like a great birthday.

Reeses Pieces said...

Brooke looks so pretty in that top picture. She's definitely your daughter!

Tom and Corinne Bradshaw Family said...

Got a couple more in gotta go read to Christian I really want to make a point to get caught up on you and Laura. Hopefully we all get top see each other again soon.