Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Pictures

Just thought I'd share some of our family pictures for those who haven't been able to see them. We took them last November. Isn't it beautiful here in the fall? Married 14 years and still kinda like each other a lot! Isn't that the cutest little 4 year old face?
Jadyn Joy getting bigger at age 7.
Brooke Elizabeth age 8 almost 9.
Brennan Riley age 12. Handsome guy.
Our cute kids.


Reeses Pieces said...

Love these. I need to get her name from you. They look awesome with your blog background.

Tiffany and Justin said...

Love the pictures! Your family is just sooo cute!

Katie said...

Adorable!! I miss you Danielson's a bunch!!

Elizabeth said...

Beauitful Kristen/// To sick to talk this week. Felt tired a lot will call you Love to you and the family. Elizabeth

laura said...

I have the most beautiful nieces and nephew! I'm so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! I can't believe how old your kids look but you and Jeff still look so young.