Saturday, December 20, 2008

Party, Party, Party!

It was a week of party party party. Sound familiar? But first, this is an advent calendar my mom made us years ago. My kids absolutely LOVE hanging up the ornaments day by day and counting down the time for Christmas. Each child takes their turn and looks forward to it. As you can see though, the top of the tree is up pretty high on the wall. Last Sunday I got a glimpse of this....
My sweet Brennan had Regan on his shoulders helping her put the ornament on for her turn. He's a great big brother! My primary class earned a party for good behavior. They decided to make sugar cookies, have pizza and watch Christmas movies. We had a great time. We did miss Carson though. Wasn't quite the same without him (our only boy). I just love this class and feel blessed to be their teacher. Wednesday after school, Brooke's 3rd grade teacher had her class bring gifts to the Adult Alzheimers home here in Collierville. They then sang a bunch of Christmas songs for them. It was really cool. Afterwards, Brooke got in the car and said, "I feel so good inside Mom. Can we go there again sometime?" I'm grateful she has a teacher that gave them such a wonderful experience.
On Thursday, both Brooke and Jadyn had class parties at school. Here's Brooke decorating her cookie.
Jadyn's class also had a little Christmas program for us. SOOO CUTE! Jadyn did a great job and loved dressing up for it. She also has an amazing teacher. What a blessing!
Friday night we had our ward Christmas party. Santa Claus came for a visit. Regan seemed to enjoy it. Jadyn loved talking with Santa too.
Brennan thought he was too old for Santa, but liked being a goof ball with him.Brooke, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with Santa. She was afraid of him and didn't like everyone starring at her. Here she is after we forced her to atleast stand by Santa for a picture. NOT HAPPY AT ALL! I also got to go to a cookie exchange party with some of the women in the ward. Also enjoyable. Although busy, we had a fun week spending time with family and friends. Aren't we blessed?


laura said...

You have such wonderful children! I miss them (oh, and you and Jeff) so much! Christmas isn't going to be the same this year. I got the chills when I read about Brooke's reaction at the Alzheimer home. She is such a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I have that same calendar and my boys love it. Also yes I could just hit Micah for all the stupid things that he pulls but if he didn't he wouldn't be Micah.

Melissa said...

We also have the same calendar!!!

Looks like you are all busy in the Christmas spirit!

Tom and Corinne Bradshaw Family said...

sounds like lots of fun. I hope Christian gets some good teacher.