Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free dog anyone?

This is our dog Maddie. We rescued her from the local shelter. Most of us love her dearly. Regan, our four year old, unfortunately does not. For some reason Maddie doesn't realize that she is below Regan on in the dog pack order. The majority of the time Maddie is very sweet. She is the coolest dog I've ever seen. When she gets outside, you just have to call her name and she comes right back. We NEVER have to chase her around the neighborhood or anything. She's a very lovey dovey dog that loves to follow the mom of the house around EVERYWHERE and needs lots of loving. Sad to say though, Maddie has snapped at Regan a few times. The other day she actually bit her on the nose when Regan pushed her. She didn't draw any blood or leave a mark. BUT, she is our daughter and we're concerned. We would hate to see this continue to escalate and do some permanent damage to our little one. She has never done anything to any of the other kids. Just Regan. I think it's because she's about the same height...and Regan doesn't like her. SO, if there is anyone who knows someone that wants a dog... preferably no one that has kids younger than 6, we have a free dog. Please ask around. She really is a good dog. We'd hate to give her back to the shelter.


laura said...

Try craigslist. I'm so sorry you have to give her up, I know you guys love that dog but I can't blame you, Regan should definately come first!

Tom and Corinne Bradshaw Family said...

Sorry to hear that. I don't blame you. Hope you find a good home.