Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gmail problems and Republicans

My gmail account has been wacky for two days now. On my google page I see I have 19 messages waiting, but I can't get to them! Do they not understand how much I need my email? What did we ever do before email? It's just madness!
As a complete different side note -GO SARA PALIN! She rocks! Zero, Zero,Zero !!!! Can we vote her as President instead? She makes me want to vote!


shauna said...

I agree! Wasn't Sara awesome, and motivating. It was fun to feel excited at a convention for once.
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited too! I love Palin! Just think in 4 years should could be our president, that is reason enough to vote for the ticket. Hey I put this on my blog but in case you don't read it. Remember you didn't desert me you saved me right? Love you!

Elizabeth Cluff (Libby) said...

Kristen,,,, Does'nt she make you want to get into politics? Ha! Maybe I could run in Queen Creek! Ha! She did an amazing job...Could not stop thinking about her speech. Lib

Cheri said...

Loved her too!!! I don't think I've ever watched that much of a convention before.