Monday, June 13, 2011

March 2011

March was a very busy month. Brennan turned 15 and had his friends over for a sleepover. He also got his driving permit and is enjoying scaring the life out of us as he learns to drive.
 Bryce Sharp, Sam Thomas, Brennan, Mason Wills and Val Ault came to party.

 March 6th was my 41st birthday. It happened to land on a fast Sunday this year, but Jeff did a good job making it enjoyable. 
 We had EVEN MORE snow days in March. It was the most snow I've ever seen while living here. It was so crazy. But we enjoyed every minute of it.
 Regan's Kindergarten class had nursery rhyme day where they all recited a nursery rhyme of their choice. Regan picked "This little piggy went to market". She had a bit of stage fright and messed up the ending a little, but she looked so darn cute it didn't matter.
Brennan organized and did his Eagle Project.  He decided to collect shoes for an organization called Soles4Souls. This organization sends used shoes to different countries in need including those who have been effected by all the natural disasters that have been so prevelent lately.  He was told that these particular shoes were going to be sent to Haiti who had been hit severly by an earthquake last year. 
We ended up having about 80 amazing volunteers between two Saturdays show up to help distribute bags to neighborhoods, then collect the bags full of shoes the following Saturday.  Brennan also set up collection boxes at 3 church buildings and a couple of boxes at Valero Oil Refinery where Jeff works.
The girls were such good helpers too.  Anytime we got a new bag of shoes, Regan and Jadyn were on top of things wanting to sort through the shoes and rubberband them together to keep them organized. Brooke was good at running around with her friend Alyse to collect all the shoes. It definitely was a family project. 
The most amazing part of it was that the second week when we were supposed to go collect the shoes, it was storming real bad that morning and was predicted to keep storming all afternoon.  We just prayed like crazy. The Lord definitely answered our prayers. It was storming as we gathered together, but as soon as it was time to leave to collect the shoes, the storm passed. We were SO blessed!
Overall he collected 1, 920 pairs of shoes!!!!! It was AMAZING!!! We all enjoyed helping him and knowing that all the hard work was for such a worthy cause.  A few weeks later, we loaded them up in a trailer and drove them to Nashville where Souls4Soles has a warehouse. It was a great experience. We're so proud of Brennan for all of his hard work.

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