Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We've been busy so far this summer and have been having a great time.  
Here's a quick catch up for June. 
Brooke go contacts.  Caught a frog. Went visiting teaching with me 
down in Mississippi. She and Brennan have both been learning how to cook. 
Unfortunately, that means more cookies and brownies we have to try to resist. 
She's been super helpful this summer and I'm grateful for that.

Jeff's company had a party at a golf and games type of place. It was a lot of fun.
Kids got to have their faces painted. Petting zoo. Bumper boats. Race cars. Laser Tag etc. 
as well as lots of food to eat. It was fun just being together.

The girls went to Vacation Bible School where they learned to share the Word like Bees. 
They had fun making crafts, playing sports, singing songs and learning the differences
between our church and other people's faith.
We've also been filling our days with lots of other things. 
This was our trip to the Children's Museum while Brennan was off to Scout Camp.
The girls had a really fun time.

We've also gone to movies, swimming, crafts, the library as well as trying to teach 
these kids to serve others. So far it's been great. Can't believe how fast it's going.


Marco Crupi said...
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Reeses Pieces said...

Looks like you guys were busy last month. I'm still trying to figure out what golf place you went to. I didn't know we had one. Hope you're having fun in AZ. See you soon!

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Thanks :)


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