Sunday, May 31, 2009

May in a Nutshell

May was full of lots of end of the year stuff. Jadyn's class had a field trip to the Nature Center. I loved being able to go with them. Jadyn and I had some fun mommy/Jadyn time. Here she is with her friend Hannah. Cute girls. Just the two of us! My big 2nd grader in my sunglasses. After the field trip, I checked her out of school and took her to eat Mexican food. Just the two of us. She LOVED it. This is one girl that just thrives on one on one attention. We had a great time. I have to say, out of all my children, Jadyn is the most like me. She could eat Mexican food every day and never be sick of it. The other kids shy away from salsa. How can they have my blood in them? But not this girl! Yay Jadyn! It was a great day.
Brennan had his end of the year choir concert. It's 7th/8th grade combined. His sweet cousin, Kaisey Skipper, is also in the choir. I love that he can share this experience with her. They are also both in the honor choir.
I LOVE being able to see him sing in choir like we used to.


Reeses Pieces said...

Hey I was just thinking the other day...did Mrs. Page's class ever go on a fieldtrip? HUH. Jayden is a cutie. You're definitely gonna have to keep on eye on that one :)

Tom and Corinne Bradshaw Family said...

End of the sccool year is always fun.