Tuesday, June 17, 2008

April 2008

April was gorgeous weather. We took many trips to the zoo with my friends Nicole, Tiffanie and sister in law Laurie. Of coarse, everyone else in Memphis had the same bright idea. It was too gorgeous to stay in side. I also had to include this cute picture of Regan's Playgroups friends. We had such fun switching off houses and letting the girls play together. Of coarse their favorite thing to do...dress up! The girls in order are: Alayna Sharp, Ryleigh Rees, Regan, Cara Rees, Samantha Jessop & Keira Peterson. The girls are good friends and played well. Of coarse, I did have one play date that was crazy in April. I happened to be taking care of my sister in law's 5 kids while she was at a single's conference in California. I was pretty impressed with myself taking care of 9 kids all together (hers and mine). We had a great weekend. Even made it to church early! AND THEN, Monday came. Same day that I had play group. Long story short.... I got locked out of my van TWICE. Once while trying to get the kids to school. I had fingers crushed in a chair, another chair break, naked boy on my new leather chair, finger nail polish on my couch, toothpaste smeared everywhere in the bathroom, and poop all over the bathroom floor and down my stairs! Yes, that all happened in one day! So much for being impressed with myself!

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Tom and Corinne Bradshaw Family said...

Thats alot to handle. I hope you took the next day easy.